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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is known worldwide as one of the most creative types of communication. The success of such outdoor advertising campaign depends mostly on the advertising message’s briefness and legibility, as the potential exposure duration is very short, of only seconds.

Kool Media executes outdoor advertising campaigns by ensuring a wide range of outdoor formats in a high number of advertising supports, with national coverage. The outdoor billboards are installed in cities or at the cities’ entrances, on the strategic areas of national roads, crossroads and highways.

Outdoor advertising offers through these different forms of outdoor billboards the benefits that other promotion means cannot: message fixation by prolonged exposure, wide attention from target audience, reduced exposure costs compared to other media, increased impact thanks to the advertising message’s size. All these benefits increase the effectiveness for the advertising campaigns targeting to increase a product or brand notoriety.

We ensure full communication services for an effective implementation of outdoor campaigns:
» Media planning and strategy
» Customized presentations
» Visuals / artwork creation
» Display Print
» Decoration
Monitoring / Maintenance
Special projects: creation, production, implementation