3...2...1...KOOL START FOR CREATIVE IDEASCreative Concepts and Graphic Design, Communication Campaigns, Branding, Web Design, Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Marketing Consulting, Public Relations, Event Management: concerts, fairs, seminars, online promotion and market research.


It’s a homogenous a homogenous ensemble of communication supports, having the same nature – carrier of advertising messages. Mass media: radio, television, written press, display, cinema, telematic means (videotex, Internet), telephone. Each media vector practically has an unlimited number of presentation versions. For example: TV media: - Romania 1, Prima TV, Antena 1, Pro TV, OTV etc.; written press media - Libertatea, Evenimentul zilei, Capital, Curentul etc. "warm"/"hot" media: daily press (local/regional), radio (local), display; locale (proximity) media – media with local audience (local radio stations, cable television, local publications).

The services offered consist in purchase of media spaces, media appearances planning, consulting in media spaces positioning, media monitoring, discounts for national, regional and local media suports.

As today all media business need an approach on several levels, we notice that the integrated communication strategies also contain sale and consulting strategies for the customers’ businesses.