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Indoor advertising is a type of advertising in closed, highly transited spaces, and has the purpose to attract the attention of potential customers frequenting these spaces.

Internationally, indoor advertising is considered the most efficient type of unconventional advertising, thanks to the increased impact ensured by the absence of other stimulus to diminish the transmission of the advertising message to the target.

The success of indoor advertising campaigns is ensured by their target orientation, and the campaign’s message reaches the consumers immediately.

Indoor advertising is based on the fact that the audience receiving the message remembers it more than any type of audience.
This advertising channel is efficient thanks to its reduced costs and immediate impact.

Indoor advertising or unconventional advertising can be achieved by a variety of channels, depending on the target chosen.

Among the locations where indoor advertising is present in Romania, are the
shopping centers, cinemas, supermarkets, airports, bars & pubs, beauty salons, medical clinics, intercity trains, inmedio, pharmacies, press distribution centers, schools, gyms, high schools, universities, dorms and campuses, restrooms in bars, restaurants and in McDonald's.

One of the most effective locations for indoor advertising are the hypermarket and supermarket chains, in progress of development in Romania. Among the media supports available for indoor advertising in stores are: different forms of posters, frames, billboards, screen networks, digital frames, video plasmas, shelf advertising, in-store radios, carts, drawings on floors and advertisement stickers. Other in-store promotion modes are the exhibition of products in a certain way, in-store promotions and merchandising services.