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Another scope of business of Kool Media is event management, mainly corporate events addressing the wide public. By the event management services we make available, namely  corporate events management in Constanta and more and management of parties for the companies in Constanta, we succeed in offering our clients what they want: a truly memorable event.

Among the types of corporate events in Constanta, namely parties for companies in Constanta, that we arrange to the last detail, we name a few:

  • Company presentation

  • Company’s anniversary

  • Themed parties

  • Product launch

  • Fairs and exhibitions

  • Team building events

  • Conferences and seminars

  • Special entertainment events

What do we offer for corporate events in Constanta?

Usually, in marketing and mass-media, a corporate event is an anniversary of a company’s existence, after a certain number of years. These events help a company reach different marketing objectives, promote its identity, increase employees’ morale and mostly to consolidate its investors trust.

Corporate events also include: conferences, seminars, symposiums, congresses, team building events and other activities organized by companies, with certain pre-established purposes and objectives.

In terms of corporate events in Constanta, we offer customized solutions, tailored to the requirements and needs expressed, so that the event in question turns out exactly as you wanted it. We reach this objective through the specialty consulting and assistance services involving a talk with you, after which all the details we need in the organizational process are set.

Next, we begin the actual event management, handling everything from sound, photo and video, up to finding and booking the location, depending on certain aspects (number of participants, the event’s nature etc.). In short, we take care of everything in terms of corporate event management in Constanta, so that you are worry-free, and enjoy the results you were expecting.